Beta Regression

Fixing Fractional Logit?

This post focuses on one of the more curious models in contemporary statistics, a specification for proportions that is either called fractional logit or quasi-Binomial. An earlier version of this blog post had a much more negative take on the fractional logit specification.

What's Logs Got to Do With It?

Twitter (or what’s left of it) was recently ablaze with a discussion of two smart working papers, one by Jiafeng Chen and Jonathan Roth and the other by John Mullahy and Edward Norton.

What To Do (And Not to Do) with Modeling Proportions/Fractional Outcomes

Interested in more social science on contemporary issues? Check out my just-released book with Cambridge University Press and use discount code KUBINEC23 to get 20% off. Introduction Limited dependent variables, or continuous variables with lower and upper bounds, are quite common in the social sciences but do not fit easily with existing statistical models.